ColorCircuit Demo

This is a demo of a thing called ColorCircuit, which will eventually be a puzzle game. Some cells generate colors, which travel to cells that either mix colors together or split them apart. The goal will be to produce certain colors for other cells which will consume them.

Update 1: Now you can rotate the pieces and the flow changes. I've made there be fewer sources so you have more to play with. Left click means rotate 90 degrees anticlockwise, right click is clockwise.

Update 2: There are now a few graphical changes, like more of a distincton between lit and unlit tiles, and the rotation is smoothly animated to make it more obvious what you're doing. The code is a bit less efficient (recalculates everything every move now) but fixed some bugs from yesterday, and more organized. More of the logic is in the cell class instead of the controller, for adding new types of cells. I have a couple ideas for how to make a game out of this now.

Update 3: The board is larger and the gray line borders around pieces are gone. The rotation on most pieces only works one way now, but right-clicking rotates the center part. All pieces are now a combination joiner/filter with two inputs and two outputs; this means that there are two possible pieces for each color, so the distribution is now even with two of each possible piece. The center source has a lead for each basic color and one white now, but that'll change because the white is too powerful. I am beginning to wish I had kept a copy of every intermediate release of this.

Update 4: The board has been made larger (7x7) and the pieces are now all primary colors. I switched the central source (which now can't be rotated) back to being all-white, and the graphics back to being smaller so it would fit on a screen more easily. Also, as you can probably see, there's a random-movement demo that plays until you click on it. I think I finally know how to make a game out of this, which I'll try to do tomorrow.

Update 5: It's a game! The rules are pretty self-explanatory; the shrinking cells are "sinks". Give each sink exactly the color it wants before it goes away, or you'll seriously regret it. Obviously it needs some tweaks (because it's stupid hard!) and some polish, but I wanted to get this up tonight before I went to bed.