Xe Queo! Documentation


Xe Queo is a board game by game designer Alex Randolph. More information on the board game can be found at BoardGameGeek, or the website of the publisher of the board game is here. I did not make the game and all trademarked terms belong to either Venice Connection or Alex Randolph.

This document is the user's manual to a computer game version of Xe Queo!, which is available here. It is written in pure Java and will require a Java virtual machine to run. It has been tested on the VM that comes with Mac OS X 10.3.8 and the Sun VM for Windows, but it will probably run on anything

Starting the game

To start the game, run the JAR file. Normally this can be done by double-clicking on it; if you're in an operating system that doesn't let you do that, then go to a console and type "java -jar XeQueo.jar".

Connecting to another user

Xe Queo! is a two-player game, and this version has no artificial intelligence, so you will need to connect to another user. If you want the user to connect to you, hit the "listen" button, if you want to connect to someone else, type their address in to the combo box (it will be saved for the next time you run the program) and hit the "connect" button. All connections go to port 5278, so if you are behind a firewall you will need to open that port for TCP traffic.

Playing the game

If you want to learn the actual rules to the game, you will have to find them elsewhere, since I'm pretty sure that posting those here would be illegal, not to mention uncool. This program is meant for people who have already supported the designer by buying the game, and want to play it in a different form.

Place rings by clicking on spaces on the board. Pawns maynot be placed next to or on a piece. Move pawns by clicking on them and then clicking on a highlighted space. Pawns may jump but may only be moved closer to the ring. To Xe Queo! your opponent, click on the button on the right and then a pawn (or the pawn and then the button; either works).

At the bottom of the screen is a text area where the game tells you what is happening. Directly below that is a text field where you can type messages to your opponent.


If you have any questions, bug reports, feature suggestions or are looking for someone to play, you can contact me here or on ICQ at 4580624.


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